The Garden Mystery

The Garden Mystery by Treya Mukherjee

The Garden Mystery by Treya Mukherjee

A colourful, funny AND mysterious tale! A story for children – hand-painted and hand-written by a child. Read it on… gardenmystery


About Ambi Knowledge Resources

We – alias Ambi Knowledge Resources Pvt. Ltd. – are a publishing house, set up by a motley crew of three architects (A.R. Ramanathan, Snehanshu Mukherji, Anisha Shekhar Mukherji), a flight attendant (Anjum Chhina) and a chartered accountant (Deepak Menon). We have a decided opinion on books, more optimism than money, and experience in writing, editing, designing and printing - all of which we bring to the books we publish!


  1. Gitanjali Singhal

    Very interesting treatment of an important mystery. And very good illustrations, Treya!

  2. I love it, Treya. The drawings and all. I am still racking my brains about the mystery!!

    • Thank you for liking my story and illustrations! But I’ve already told you the answer in the story! WHY are you racking your brains? Hope you don’t meet any wasps in your garden! From the author! (Treya)

  3. Sumati

    Dear Miss Mystery, what a fun one this was, waiting for the next!
    I loved the illustrations but pg 7 was my top favourite. And what a clever plan it was to make the Ambi out of question marks! It could become Miss Mystery’s personal stamp for all her future mysteries.
    Hope you have recovered from your wasp-bite and are ready to write the next one.

  4. juhi

    wonderful and unique. We (bannu & I) loved it. Treya we want more. 🙂

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