The Westland Wapiti in the IAF

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Author: PVS Jagan Mohan.

The Westland Wapiti army co-operation aeroplane was the first aircraft type on which the Indian Air Force was raised in 1933. Its service in India is synonymous with the early history of the IAF. All the IAF Officers and airmen who trained in England to form the foundation of the IAF cut their teeth on this aircraft. Despite that, very little is known about the early days. The Westland Wapiti in the Indian Air Force is the first and the only book devoted to this much neglected aircraft. Till date, there has been no attempt to chronicle this aircraft’s history. The early days of the IAF have always been clouded by the fog of time. With the aid of previously unseen and unpublished archives and resources, this book lays the history in clear light for the first time in eighty years.

Edition: Paper Back; Publication: 2014; ISBN: 9788190359146



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