The Gandhian vision of Industry, Design, and Industrial Design

The Gandhian Vision of Industry, Design, and Industrial Design

What were Mahatma Gandhi’s views on the above? And what is their relevance and applicability in the context of India and the world today? Can the application of such views inform and improve the study and the practice of Industrial Design, and the state of Industry and Design in positive ways? Why/ why not? How, if so?

This theme set by Anisha Shekhar Mukherji for the 2nd year students of Industrial Design an the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, was aimed at helping them explore Gandhiji’s own expressed views on these issues through directed readings, film viewings, class discussions, interviews with  living Gandhians (who may have participated in Gandhiji’s initiatives during the Freedom movement or lived their lives by following his principles). The research programme encouraged the students to identify and analyse Gandhiji’s writings appropriate to this theme, as well as glean inferred observations based on an understanding of Gandhiji’s political, personal and philosophical views.  Two of the best essays generated by the students at the conclusion of the semester are reproduced here.

Gandhi and Industrial Design: Shruti Nilegaonkar



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