Chakmak, published by Eklavya from Bhopal is a Children’s Science Magazine written in Hindi, and priced wonderfully reasonably.

It has diverse and engaging articles, stories, essays and poems. Some are original writings in Hindi, while others are translations. Each Chakmak packs in a variety of stuff. In the past year and a half that we have been subscribing to Chakmak, our fluency of reading in Hindi has increased. We’ve been entertained and informed by the writings of children who subscribe to Chakmak, as well as the many hilarious stories – some by authors unknown to us, and some by well-known authors whom we had no idea wrote funny stories too –  like the one by Ismat Chugtai.

We have even successfully done crosswords in Hindi that form part of each Chakmak! And after reading about the weekly newspaper that Lenin’s family ‘took out’ with sketches and news items that they did by hand, we are also now toying with the idea of bringing out our own family newspaper!

You can find out more on :


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